HomeNet Network Kits

The HomeNet network kits provide the initial infrastructure and functional hardware of your multi-media network. Simply choose the kit that provides you with the required number of points based on the size of your property or the extent of your networking requirements.

Each HomeNet kit consists of the following:

  • Patch Cabinet
  • Cat 8 Cable
  • Faceplate Kits
  • 8way TV Distribution Kit
  • 4way Telephone Distribution Kit
  • 4way Computer LAN Kit, including Broadband
  • Instructions

The HomeNet kit sizes are:

  • HomeNet 10: 8 Point 1.2 GHz Multi-media Network Kit
    (8 Wall Outlets, 10 Universal Socket Kits)
  • HomeNet 15: 11 Point 1.2 GHz Multimedia Network Kit
    (11 Wall Outlets, 15 Universal Socket Kits)
  • HomeNet 25: 15 Point 1.2 GHz Multimedia Network Kit
    (15 Wall Outlets, 25 Universal Socket Kits)
HomeNet 10 HomeNet 15 HomeNet 25
Media Cabinet Small Patch Large Patch Large Patch
Cat 8 Multimedia Cable 200m 300m 400m
Universal Socket Kit 8 Kits 11 Kits 15 Kits
Multimedia Socket Kit 10 Kits 15 Kits 25 Kits
TV Distribution Kit 2way 4way 4way
TV Room Adapters 2 4 4
Telephone Distribution Kit 4way 8way 8way
Telephone Room Adapters 4 8 8
Computer LAN Kit 4way 4way 4way
LAN Room Adapters 4 4 4

The HomeNet 10 is designed for flats and 2 bedroom houses. The HomeNet 15 is ideal for 3 and 4 bedroom houses and the HomeNet 25 is for the larger 4 and 5 bedroom houses and gives capacity for media servers, additional hard disc drives and entertainment systems.

We can easily adjust the quantities of any of the kit components to suit your exact requirements, especially if you require more cable or differing LAN outlets, telephone and TV points or are planning home offices, cinemas or media centres.

In reception rooms, we usually recommend a single faceplate on two opposing walls, each with 2 cables, thus giving a total of 16 service points in each room. For other rooms, we suggest still having the single outlet on opposite walls but with just one able each, giving a total of 8 service points in those rooms. In smaller bedrooms you can either have one or two outlets. In addition, places such as the garage and the conservatory should not be forgotten. The more sockets you install, the more flexible the system becomes.

Because each outlet is capable of providing every service, you don't have to plan at this stage exactly where the TV (or any other device) is going to go as you would with networks requiring separate coaxials and other cables. In my own home we have the TV in the opposite corner from the one we originally intended. We could only do this because of the HomeNet system.

Delivery is normally within 28 days, but if we need to do a special for you then it might be a week or two longer. If your budget ever gets tight we can always supply the cable only and then provide the patch cabinet and wall sockets later.

If you like, you can always send us a copy of your drawings and we will work out which HomeNet system is best for you.

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