The HomeNet wall faceplates are at the front end of our system and complement the Cat 8 cabling. They are compact, neat and tidy. Each twin-cable, single-gang Faceplate allows up to 8 services to be taken simultaneously from it, eliminating the need for unsightly multiple sockets. A room adaptor smartly handles the connection from the faceplate to the homeowner's own equipment. This connection method allows for almost infinite connectivity, no matter what the age of the equipment.

The HomeNet Network faceplate can have up to 8 services attached to it, which can include TV outlets (or inputs), telephones, computer LAN networks, ISDN and ADSL services, audio inputs or outputs, video inputs and outputs, satellite feeds and many others.

The flexibility comes in the fact that any faceplate can serve any of these facilities at any time without having to rewire the house. In other words, when the time comes to redecorate or restyle the sitting room, the TV and the telephone can simply change places, even if they are currently in opposite corners.

The HomeNet Network uses a very clever universal connector to manage signal distribution. There is a whole range of accessories that adapt standard connections into universal connections. The key benefit this brings is that any device can fit into any location in the house. No faceplate needs to be constrained to one use only.

"A Faceplate is literally anything you want it to be"

Another major benefit is that the density of services available at any faceplate is eight times that of a normal service outlet. If, say, as in a modern house, it would be desirable to have numerous single-gang wall sockets to provide the right number of connections to: TV, telephone, LAN, audio LR inputs and audio LR outputs, satellite, and infrared distribution. Some homes even have separate FM and DAB outlets. That's eight single-gang sockets or four double-gang sockets if you can get them. We call this 'wall acne'

Not only do these sockets take up a large amount of unsightly space, but tradesmen rarely if ever manage to fix wall outlets in a straight line. The one faceplate in the picture above cures all that wall acne - there’s nothing to line up.

We have an adaptor for everything. Our adaptors match all existing equipment - TVs, audio, satellite and computer LAN products, etc. You never need to change your equipment. With the increased cable signal capacity, what you choose to direct to any room outlet in the house is completely free of restriction.

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