Installing HomeNet

Whilst providing even more services, HomeNet is usually quicker and cheaper to install than other networks, especially those that recommend 'flooding' the property with Cat 5e cable. On a new build (including barn conversions), installation is normally one to two days to install the cables at first fix and a good day to do the terminations at second fix. For refurbishments, again one to two days to install is a good reference for a starting point, but it depends on how much has been uncovered.

You will need to have the following available at the cabinet location: the BT master telephone socket, the ISDN/ADSL line if separate, the terrestrial TV aerial and the satellite feeds.

Anyone can install a HomeNet system. Full Instructions are included with a kit and we are always available to offer advice and full telephone support. No special tools, software, or commissioning are required. And with just two cables maximum for each outlet you don't need to worry quite so much afterwards when drilling holes for pictures, etc.

The only additions to the HomeNet system that youíll need are the patress/cavity boxes for the faceplates. We donít stock these as there are numerous situations to be catered for. It's more cost efficient for you to buy these from your local hardware store depending on your individual needs. These boxes do, however, need to be of the 47mm deep variety.

Part P of the building regulations is not applicable to HomeNet at present.

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