Cat 8 Cable

Cat 8 cable is the cutting edge of twisted-pair copper data communications and is the 'Hidden Heart of HomeNet'. HomeNet Cat 8 operates with a bandwidth of 1200 MHz (1.2 GHz) and is capable of 1400MHz. It will take the satellite signal from the proposed Sky HDTV broadcasts that are set to start in 2006 and the forthcoming HD DVD players, provided that the usual Cat 8 cable length of a maximum of 20m for satellite systems is adhered to.

In comparison, Cat 5 has a maximum bandwidth of 155MHz; Cat 6, 400MHz; and Cat 7, 625MHz.

Cat 5 cabling, with its bandwidth of just 155MHz, physically cannot naturally transport a standard television signal of 862MHz without inclusion of an expensive electronics unit and potential signal and picture degradation.

In terms of quantity, quality and type, the real asset of a Cat 8 multi-media infrastructure lies in the services it can carry. TV, video, satellite, audio, CCTV, RF, DAB, voice, infrared, computer data, fax, S-video, USB and FireWire can all be carried, with each single Cat 8 cable capable of taking up to four services.

Many home networking systems regard the hub, cabinet or the patch panel as the centrepiece of their systems. We don't. As media technology has moved from the analogue to the digital age and now into the high definition age, so has the controlling electronics.

HomeNet is designed with improving technology in mind. The distribution hardware in the HomeNet cabinet is easily replaced, as improved and newer, better equipment becomes available.

No need to worry about the Cat 8 cable, though. This can stay put, there’s no need to rip it out and start again. The 1.2GHz bandwidth can handle everything thrown at it now and for the foreseeable future. With HomeNet you really do ‘future-proof’ your home as you will have the highest specification home networking multi-media cable available.

That's why we really do make the claim:

"This is the Multi-media Network that meets your needs now and into the Future"

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